Why I love Naples Florida and not Chicago

Well first of all the weather; some people say its too hot in Florida in the Summer; but, if you are from Chicago with Chicago's high humidity, it feels hotter in Chicago

You don't have to dodge  bullets, grafitti, crime, high taxes  and lousy weather in the Winter.

There is so much to do in South West Florida, Numerous golf courses if you are a golfer,

Fishing is great/ either off shore, or on shore or the pier or the backwaters.

There are so many bars and restaurants to visit; most reasonably priced.

The beaches are great and the ocean water is warm.

The Southern location of Naples provides it warm weather all year long; unlike North and Central Florida.

No hurricanes for 11 years.

No state income tax

Lower property taxes than Northern states

12.5% price appreciation of real estate consistently

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