Naples also known as paradise.

Here are some things you should know prior to moving to Naples.

Naples is about a six and one half hour drive from the Florida State line. During the Summer temperatures can reach 95 F. But usually stay around low 90's.Summer time is the rainy season and possible hurricane season. Although there hasn't been a huricane in South West Florida for years. The winter is the dry season, and temps some times can reach the low 40's at night but usually in the 70's and 80's during the day

There is a beautiful beach and if you are a resident or own property in Collier county you can get a free beach parking pass from the local library and park for free in the metered areas adjacent to the beach.

The pier at 12th Street. Is a great place to watch sunsets and fish. No fishing license is required.

There are multiple restaurants in Naples

Prices have continued to rise for real estate in the last few years at a rate of 13%.

Prices are expected to rise at that rate.

When buying a home. The title company does the closings and typically a lawyer is not needed.However it is your choice. Always a home inspection is reccommended.

There is relatively no crime in Naples.

No beggars and no graffitti and no homeless

Golf is much less expensive during the off season. Which is Easter till Thanks Giving.

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