There are three different type of golf course communities within Naples: Bundled Golf, Golf Membership Mandatory and Private Clubs.

Bundled Golf

With bundled golf communities, the golf club membership is included with the purchase of the home. There is no additional membership fee to join. Buy the home within the bundled golf community, and you are automatically a member of the Club. There is a great sense of fellowship with bundled communities, as every owner is a member to the club.


Golf Equity Mandatory

In these communities, the price of the home and the price of joining the club are separate. Here you would buy a home, then you are required to purchase the golf membership. Golf Mandatory communities include: Bears Paw (18 holes), Eagle Creek (18 holes), Wilderness (18 holes), Wyndemere (27 holes).

Because membership can be expense with these communities, sometimes the housing is inexpensive. Take Wilderness for example. It was some of the lowest priced condos in the area, but you need to join the club for $65,000 and condo and club dues can run over $20,000 a year.


Golf Equity Clubs

Many of the larger communities in the area have a private golf and country clubs within the developments gates. These clubs are private and owners within the community have no connection to the club what so ever, unless they happen to be a member. These communities could have thousands of residents, but the clubs usually have around 350 members, which may or may not be residents of the community.

Having a golf course within a community provides provides plenty of extra green space, ponds and preserves. So living within a community that has a private club provides many advantages for all residents.

Club memberships are mostly in the $45,000 range but can exceed $200,000 for some clubs. Area private clubs include:

  • Audubon (18 holes) - Social or Golf membership required.
  • Bay Colony (18 holes)
  • C.C. of Naples (18 holes)
  • Calusa Pines (18 holes)
  • Collier's Reserve (18 holes) - Social or Golf membership required.
  • Everglades (18 holes)
  • Fiddlers Creek (18 holes)
  • Grey Oaks (54 holes)
  • Hole in the Wall (18 holes)
  • Imperial Golf (36 holes)
  • Kensington (18 holes)
  • La Playa (18 holes)
  • Lely Classics (18 holes)
  • Mediterra (36 holes)
  • Naples Grande (18 holes)
  • Olde Cypress (18 holes)
  • Olde Florida (18 holes)
  • Pelican Bay (27 holes)
  • Pelican Marsh (18 holes)
  • Quail West (36 holes)
  • Royal Palm (18 holes)
  • Royal Poinciana (18 holes)
  • The Strand (27 holes)
  • Tiburón (36 holes)
  • Twin Eagles (18 holes)
  • Vineyards (36 holes)
  • Windstar (18 holes)