Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

”Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

When you truly believe in something, your mind finds ways to accomplish it. You are focused on how it can be done and your mind finds endless possibilities for achieving what you desire. Your mind is infinitely more powerful than you think, just learn to use it to your advantage, not disadvantage. Believe you can, and doors will open on your path to success. Napoleon Hill, author of the famous inspirational book Think and Grow Rich knew how important believing is for achieving. This quote is one of his most famous one’s from the book.


But is this quote just a cliche? I don’t think so. The problem with popular quotes that get cited too often is that everyone ends up knowing them, once they become pop-culture type new-aged stuff – nobody takes it seriously, and the quote’s true power gets dilluted by the amount of wanna-be achievers repeating it. This quote, just like any other, doesn’t mean much if you don’t scratch below the surface, and have faith in it.

It is true. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Everything seems obvious once it’s already done or invented. Look at the Wright brothers. Everyone thought flying is impossible – until they did it. Then it became normal. It’s easier to be negative. It’s more natural to be negative. Being positive during hardships is far harder than being negative, it comes more naturally to complain and it doesn’t take much, if any, effort to be negative.

How could anyone achieve anything if they didn’t believe? How could civilization be where it is today if someone sometime didn’t believe it’s achievable?

At some point, everything that surrounds us was simply an IDEA. A conception in the mind of man. A mere possibility of something that could be. What use would we have if each idea was immediately dismissed just because it didn’t fit into people’s concept of reality? Someone had to come up with the idea, and then believe that this idea can become tangible, real, something you can feel physically, emotionally or spiritually.

And all three are connected. Conceiving an idea, believing it is possible, and finally having the idea come to existence is connected. One doesn’t work without the other. People that don’t believe in anything never come up with ideas either. Why bother when it’s not possible anyway. Only BELIEVERS come up with ideas in the first place. Because they are dreamers, they think creatively and they dare to believe. This gets them thinking and eventually, they conceive an idea, it doesn’t have to be something tangible, it could be where they see themselves in the future: a vision.

You may vision yourself richer, fitter, in love, at peace, on the other side of the world, wherever and however. That’s an idea, a concept of a different reality than what you have now. Napoleon Hill and millions of men went through this. Anyone that’s a believer in progress had visions of this type. Believing in an idea is not enough… do you believe in yourself? Do you have faith in yourself that you won’t give up on your ideas? WIll you go forward when the going gets tough?

Within yourself, believe it or not, you have the power to overcome anything. Just sometimes you must raise your head above your current situation. Rise above the day to day and look through the playing field. How can you get to your vision? What are you missing? Think. Breathe. There must be something. You’ll figure it out. If not today, maybe tomorrow. Have faith. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. This is your game. Your world. Your vision.

In a way, you are alone, fighting against yourself. In another way, you are never alone. Someone out there had the same problems and fought through it. They kept pushing. They may have even had it much harder than you feel you do. But they kept believing. Persisting. And who knows, maybe you’re in the wrong playing field. Being persistent endlessly can be quite dumb if you’re doing the wrong stuff. Doing the wrong stuff right still won’t get you far. First figure out if you’re on the rigth path. Are you sure about it? If you are and your gut tells you that you’re on the right path, then stop doubting yourself from now on.

Don’t worry about other people being negative and telling you how your chances are ”low.” That’s their problem. Your belief is more powerful than the entire world’s negativity. Whatever the outcome, you win in the end, because you will still gain experience even if you don’t get exactly what you want. There’s a reason for everything. Don’t get discouraged. The game isn’t over unless you quit. Keep working on your idea.

If you put your mind to it, you can make anything happen. Others did it and so can you. You are infinitely more powerful that you think. One man or woman can make miracles, and why wouldn’t that someone be you? Keep thinking. Keep believing in yourself and don’t be a quitter cry-baby just because things get though. Think, how can you make things easier without making yourself weaker? There has to be a smarter way to do things. There always is. Find it. Use leverage.

And don’t kill yourself with outrageous goals. Sure, you should think big. But being unrealistic can be depressive in a way. When I think of my goals I often set the bar too high and then feel like a failure every day because I never seem to get there. Simplify your goals, make them achievable within a reasonable timeframe, or have just one goal that’s chunked up in sections. Otherwise you’ll lose your motivation when you can’t feel progress. The feeling of progress is what keeps you going. Find a way to cherish smaller victories, and be smart when deciding on your goals. I find that the best goal or vision of myself in the near future is something that is within my control. Something that only depends on me, and not external factors. This is something measurable. How much I’ll weigh and how much muscle I’ll have or how much I’ll be able to lift in the gym depend entirely on me. I have complete control over the conception of myself as a fit person. What and how I eat and how I train will determine whether I achieve my vision or not. That makes things easier because no external forces play in the game. It’s me against myself.

When you set a the bar high on a goal that is less than at least 80% dependent on you and you alone, then you give so much space to frustration because of factors outside of your control.

The thing with belief is that, basically, all these small achievements and progress is what pumps you up to have faith in yourself. Your mind registers the emotion: I’ve done it before. I’ve felt success. I can do it again. Deep down you know you can do it and you develop faith in yourself, this is what makes you a believer, and the more you believe the more ideas you conceive, and then, again, the more you end up achieving.

Conceiving, believing, and achieving, are all connected in some way. Start with one and the other wll follow. So, even though it’s a cliche, let’s begin with something. Let’s begin believing. You can get there. There is a way. Keep your eyes open and your spirit strong, your mind will find the way to achievement. Have faith. You are more capable than you think. And whenever you’re not sure which way to go, go through – it’s the best way forward.

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