As  an avid fisherman, who once owned a boat and as they say the best days in a boat owners life are the day he buys the boat and  the day he sells the boat. 

What I missed about my boat was fishing. When I moved to Naples, I became aware of the back waters and how calm the water was there. I rented a kayak at the Isle of Capri Fish house for $34. for four hours and paddled around Johnson Island and onto some remote Island beaches. Well I was hooked and purchased my own Kayak shortly thereafter. 

My favorite place to launch my Kayak is the Isle of Capri fish house and its absolutely free to do so there. Also there are several other places to launch including, Shell Island Road access. If you drive up North along the Gulf from Bonita Bay road, there are many places to launch up there.

My Kayak is what they call a sit on top kayak and is more suited to ocean kayaking.

Best of Luck and have fun