Hurricane Irma has come and gone from South West florida. Where I live, in Fiddlers Creek the eye of the storm came directly over us with 142 Mph. wind speeds. The damage to the buildings in South West Florida was very minimal. All I can see is some roof tiles missing and some soffits missing. No broken windows or structural damage.  However a lot of trees were damaged or destroyed. Surprisingly; most of the palm trees survived. The bannion tress suffered the worst.  The electric was off in our community for four days; so all the food in the refrigerator and freezer had to be discarded.  As a result of the electric being off; grocery stores lost all there fresh food and had to reopen on g enerators.  Many stores and restaurants temporarily had to close,  Gasoline was in demand with two hour waits. A curfew was instituted. All the swimming pools are closed and a boil water was placed in effect. Also the ocean water was contaminated with baceteria as the waste pumps for water stopped working. Most of the mobile home parks suffered a lot of damage. The good news is that;  12 days after the hurricane, all seems to be returning to normal. So what effect will the Hurricane have on the real estate market in SW Florida. No one knows for sure. I think by the time Winter comes most people will have forgotten about it. But I do expect it to have a negative effect on prices. A  good time to buy; for buyers. Also i think a lot of people who want to be close to water may have second thoughts about that. Visit my web site at to search for real estate in South West Florida