Hey! Are you NUTS?

Believe me I know a nut when I see one. You gotta be a cashew lookin for a jar: if y ou have'nt contacted Mike Duffin at Premiere Plus Realty to help you sell your home. It'd be a shame if  you miss out.

Listen, Mike Duffin, whose office I live behind  hasn't given away anything FREE for a long time. He's even got my food in a dispenser, that requires nickels, Sheesh. Anyway. I can't believe he's offering to LIST YOUR HOME FREE. if it doesn't sell. 

Do you realize that since I live in a tree behind Premiere Plus Realty, I sometimes hear what people are sayin.

One lady had been tryin to sell her home with another Realtor for Six months and Mike re-listed the home and sold it in seven days.

Another person was loosin their home in foreclosure, Mike sold her home and got the bank to accept less.

Sheesh with all those recommendations, I wish I had a house to sell with Mike Duffin at Premiere Plus Realty, instead of bein a Squirrel livin in a tree.

You know; I an understand you bein kinda fraid to call Mike Duffin. You gotta be careful when things sound too good to be true. Before I moved to the big tree, I lived in a park. One day. I awas mindin my own business lookin for nuts. When; this guy threw me a walnut. Walnuts are my favorite. Well he threw me another and another and just as I'm gettin full, he grabs me. I'm not a violent squirrel, but I bit him on his nose and ran up a tree.

Mike Duffin ain't nothin like that. He's real nice. He just wants to help you sell your home and hope you become a lifetime friend and client.

RJ. Squirrel