Do You Qualify?

Do you qualify to have your home sold

Will you price it to sell?

My Name is Mike Duffin. I’ve been a  Realtor since 1977. If there is one thing I’ve learned; it’s that things change and Realtors have to change with the times. My marketing has been getting homes sold fast and for more money.

 “I had my home listed with another Realtor for almost a year. Then I found Mike Duffin. Mike got my home sold in seven days. Thanks Mike Duffin, “ Rene Teressi.

 Changing markets mean changing marketing.  The same amount of money is in constant motion. It just flows in different directions from time to time. It’s up to your Realtor to know where it’s flowing.

I don’t give a Rat’s Patooti  what your other agent told you. Somebody’s getting married. Somebody’s getting pregnant. Somebody’s getting promoted. Somebody’s getting transferred. Somebody’s getting divorced and a whole lot of people happen to be getting rich and they’re all buying new homes.

You wasted valuable time with your other Realtor. It’s not the market it’s the marketing. Call me now 239-206-1788. My services are absolutely FREE until I sell your home at a price acceptable to you. My email address is I’m a full time Realtor with  Premiere Plus Realty  I’ve been a top producer with ReMax in Illinois for over ten years.  I know what it takes to get a house sold. 

Some restrictions apply. If your home is currently listed with another Realtor; please disregard this valuable offer.

Log onto my web site below. Learn what Iwill do to get your home sold.  I don’t want to just list your home. I WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME